Yellow Wood

Hi-Ho-Hiatus Man! What happened! Life. Life is what happened! But luckily it’s been a blessed life 🙂 
It seems like just when we are all gung-ho ready to take on the world we get thrown into a world wind of adventures. Luckily for me I’m an avid adventurer, and some how- some way- I always manage to end up in a more glorious state of being. 
Soon I will be returning to the regularly scheduled blogging, refreshed and even more prepared to do what I do best- kick ass and take names 
Love Always & Forever,
Taylor … Stolen from my other page AzHairDoctor 


Back to School

In the salon business, back to school is a big deal. And personally it’s one of my favorite times of the year. A lot of stylist quietly complain about having to do so many cheap haircuts on kids who will probably just end up back at the nearest great clips, but I love it. Here’s a few reasons why. 

1. Kids are hilarious. And quite intelligent. The conversations I have with kids are typically more interesting than any adult conversation I have. 

2. It makes you feel good. Kids haven’t mastered the art of bluffing yet- they show their excitement with every bone in there body. Don’t you wish anything made you excited enough to jump around, clap your hands and stomp your feet? I sure do. 

3. It makes you a better stylist. Have you ever tried fading a kids hair when he is nodding off to sleep? What about cutting bangs when the little girl just can’t sit still? Luckily I haven’t cut my finger off- or any little kids ears. If you can master the kids cut, the rest is cake. 

4. I like a challenge. I’ve had kids who are flat out little shits- and their parents seem to bring them in when really the could use a nap or a time out. And then you get the parents who really don’t understand that baby hair and kids hair is not the same as adult hair, and kids don’t spend an hour styling. Don’t give you 2 year old a grown mans haircut. Don’t give your five year old a high maintenance cut when it’s hard enough to get her to brush it. And if I tell you that Taylor Swift bangs aren’t gonna work- don’t insist that she have them! 

5. 50% of the time, it works all the time. It goes without saying that parents are stressed people. If you turn something that’s typically a stressful hassle, into a kids favorite place, you’ve got a customer for life. Some of my most loyal clients started off by a good kids cut- it may have only been $10, but mom remembers everything. If you had patience, a smile, and a little bit of creativity she’ll be forever thankful. Now some people really will just go wherever the wind takes them, but with a little effort you have the potential for a lifelong customer. 

Unexpected Excitement

I’ve got a baby in the oven! A few days ago I found myself in a place a lot women  have been at one point or another- peeing on a stick. It didn’t take the 3-5 minutes that the box said it would take. Within about three seconds of me peeing on the dang thing a little blue plus sign was clear as day. 

My first reaction was a giant smile on my face and a heart filled with joy- quickly followed by tears since I didn’t think I’d be having kids for years- and I certainly wanted to be married first. But alas, that’s not what the fates have in store for me. Luckily I took the test at one of my friends houses who is well versed in the art of having children- I don’t think I could have handled the news alone in my house with my dogs. We spend the rest of that day laughing, crying, and doing one thing that pregnant women do best- eat:)) 

The scariest thing is other than basic information, I don’t really know the man that will be the father of my child- let alone in love and wanting to start a family with him. Sure, he’s a nice guy with a good head on his shoulders but certainly not the situation I expected. When I told him his reaction was what I expected- freaked out, stressed out, and just as confused as myself. It is still quite early as I am only 5/6 weeks and I don’t think either of us have really had time to process the fact that we will be brining a child into the world in March. 

So far I’ve told my mother, a couple close friends and a couple cousins. They’ve all jumped with joy anticipating a cute little baby to spoil. I think I’ll definitely wait till I have the official doctors visit before really telling everyone- I think what will be hardest is admitting that I’m not even in a relationship with the man I’m having a child with. I mean, I don’t even know how involved he wants to be as of yet. But I am a strong woman, from a long line of strong women and this baby will be raised with an abundance of care and love- with or without the support of a father. 

So far my body is well aware it’s cooking a little munchkin in there. I constantly feel like I just woke up, very groggy and not anywhere near as energetic and go go go as I’ve always been. So far no actual vomitting has taken place but I am certainly feeling the uneasy stomach. I have to pee constantly on top of that I feel like a heater. Certainly not enabling side effects yet, but tale-tale signs of my body doing something it’s never done before. 

This will be an exciting journey. Stressful, emotional, and occasionally painful- but in the end the greatest blessing a woman could ever have. 

To Call or Not to Call..

So it’s Father’s Day 2016. It’s a sad fact that I’m considering not calling my father. Biological father yes, father in terms of a man that raises you- not so much.

My parents divorced when I was 10, and yes I was very close with him prior to. However, over the years the phone calls have become few and far between- and the visits even fewer and farther between. So I’m stuck here in a dilemma. Do I really want to call a man I hardly know for a five minute rerun conversation? I mean, I remember when I almost got married- I called him and he seemed utterly disinterested. Did it dawn on him his only daughter was grown and he was just simply so shocked he didn’t know what to say? Or did he really have no interest in a daughter he hardly knew.

Admitidly, this would be the first year I wouldn’t call. This was also the first year I didn’t get a call on my birthday. Is it payback? Or more so the realization that a five minute conversation of awkwardness would only highlight the fact that we’ve grown apart.

It’s a strange world we live in where majority of families do not have the idolized family structure. It’s a rare thing to see a happily married couple, let alone a family that the mother and father both play a part in the raising of their children, married or not.

I would say it’s impacted my life. I don’t think I’d prefer for it to have been any different because I love the journey I’ve been on- but. There are emotional scars that will haunt me for a lifetime. I have never had the father figure a young woman needs to be emotionally healthy. I prefer to be single than to spend time letting men woo me.



At the end of it, I didn’t call.

Flipping the Mental Switch

My entire life I’ve been considered Independent. A woman who gets things done. Sure I do a lot of things, but if people only knew how much help I have- and how lazy I can be. I’m 24, and I still don’t fully know how to “adult”.

This needs to stop.

It’s time for me to grow up. I’ve made so much money- I have nothing to show for it. I’ve learn a lot, but I haven’t really accomplished anything monumental. The mental switch needs to be flipped. I’m a woman on a mission, and it’s time to show the world what I’m workin with.

I need to change because I see change needed in the world around me.

WIsh me luck.